Hi there! Welcome to the official Pocket Peaches Shop. I'm the artist behind the comics and this small business. :) 

I started the comics for myself as a silly, creative outlet to pick myself up when I was feeling down and overwhelmed. I hope my art can do the same for you. 

Everything here is designed with hours of care and love. As a child, I was an avid stationery collector and Sanrio fan. My goal is for Pocket Peaches to become a source of joy to people's daily lives as well.

Your support, in any form, encourages me to keep going and bring you even more goodies!

I also have a monthly happy mail club, Pocket Penpal, where I send my Patrons limited stickers, prints and digital goodies. Stop by my Patreon to check it out! 

Thank you and have a wonderful day!  

- Dora